SO, I said new music was coming….

But in fact, MORE music is coming. Quantity and quality. Commercial and indie. I have decided to open up a publishing company, with the intention of expanding my work, and the work of others in music, television and film.

I hope to post more about this new venture with you in the coming weeks. This decision came with the vision that it was time to take my career in my own hands, push it to the next level, or else, get out of the business altogether.  Its not all about being a performing artist; my own skills have exceeded solely doing that for the remainder of my career.  For me, this life has become all about “pushing” good music to the front of the line. I love music and I want to see it work in ways that are magical and conducive to building a healthy, happy human race. Ya know, like Michael Jackson did–remember the time?

I look forward to sharing my journey with everyone who is ready and for everyone who isn’t, hang on. You will find a seat.

Here we go!


S at the keys


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